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Bonnie MacKinnon
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I was a rock 'n' roll journalist in my 20s, writing for the Pasadena Star-News, the Glendale News-Press and Burbank Daily Review, as well as BAM Magazine and Music Connection in LA. It was fun, and I'm glad I did it (I still have all my articles), but I learned over time that I actually spent more money pursuing rock journalism than I was making. Not a good recipe for success.

So, I jettisoned the rock 'n' roll life to pursue sales in various areas like the staffing industry, real estate investments, securities, and finally executive recruiting for the insurance industry. I work in the Bay Area, where I live. And I've found that recruiting is the only job where I can dress casually and can work from any location, and still make a good living. I'll likely be doing it until I retire in 6-7 years. Then I'm going to adopt a couple horses and head out on the range.

School Story

I sort of floated between the circles of sports (tennis, volleyball, and basketball in the freshman-sophmore years) the under-the-bridge crowd, and the journalism and radio groups. It was a nice variety of friends.

I played an original guitar piece for the annual junior-senior Talent Show one year (Dang. What was the name of that show)? During the week we performed, I had some good performances and a couple horrible ones. It's all about crowd connection, I found. My best one, of course, was on Friday, when I was totally baked, after returning from Sheryl Conley's house where Sheryl treated Beth Rohman, Karen Nicholi, Brent Ekland, and Bob Breshears and I to her incredible new album, "Blow By Blow" by Jeff Beck. It was/is an amazing album. Still today, every time I listen to Jeff Beck's melancholy song, "Because We Started As Lovers," it takes me right back to Sheryl's house on that Friday in May in 1975. It's the memory I love the most of my many fond memories of LCHS.

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Bob was the first person to show me how to ride a motorcycle. He was, you'll remember, fully into cars and motorcycles, and he took Tina Gull and me up to a clearing in the Angeles Crest Mountains, and it was there I learned the downshift 1, upshift 2,3,4, and the touch of the clutch. It was So much fun.... Another Bob story.... Bob came to my rescue after I crashed my brother Scott's Camero on the Woodleigh S's one Friday night. He was working at a Standard station, I believe, on Foothill Blvd. That was a night to remember for many reasons. I shudder when I think about what could have happened to me and Terrill Webb and Laurie Phillips that night. If we were just a foot or two to the right, I wouldn't be writing this right now. What an idiot I was. We took the limping, broken Camero to the Standard gas station, and for the next few weeks, I worked at the station, paying off the repair bill. Unfortunately, that Camero was never the same. I destroyed it. I still feel bad about it. But Bob got me out of a truly bad predicament. That Camero was buried in the jungle behind a fence off the road, and he got it out, so we could proceed to the next problem. Oh, yeah! Youth!!

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